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Collective Worship and Picture News

Mirrors (reflecting on), Windows (learning from) and Doors (taking out into the world) - how we can learn from the Bible and Jesus' life, about how we should live and how we can take the message out into our lives.

Our School Vision



“Nurturing minds. Fulfilling lives.”

“The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9




We want all our children to know that God is with them and will continue to be throughout their lives. The bible tells us that when we draw close to God he equips us with the fruit of his spirit Galatians 5:22 including Love, Joy, Peace and Kindness. Within a school context we believe Nurturing Minds, Fulfilling Lives expresses our core vision for education and we use the Parable of the seeds to illustrate this. Mark 4:1-20


Philippians 4:8 reminds us “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things and the God of peace will be with you” this links to our understanding of the importance of developing a positive metacognitive script that helps us to continue to grow through life.


John 10:10b outlines Jesus’ intention for us all to live a life in all its fullness and our curriculum aims to broaden children’s experience and deepen their skills and abilities in order to do this. We recognise that for many life is tough and to experience success sometimes things don’t come easily. We value the importance of forgiveness (both the willingness to forgive and accept forgiveness) yet, at the same time, recognise that it is not a tidy concept; it does not mean forgetting. We look to the Japanese art of kintsugi ("golden joinery"), also known askintsukuroi("golden repair"), to model this to our community: it shows us that even our scars can be made beautiful and useful. The image of kintsugi allows us to see forgiveness in a different way. When something is repaired using kintsugi, the “injury” or the cracks do not in any way disappear. If anything, they are highlighted by the lines of gold. The scars become a part of the story of the object, but they are no longer sharp, painful places of damage. Our mistakes and experiences are opportunities to learn and grow: nurturing minds, fulfilling lives. Children are reminded that just like seeds they need to be careful to be rooted in fertile soil if they are to flourish and that they have responsibility to make good choices to support this. As a school we aim to ensure that our school environment is as fertile as possible so that even our most vulnerable pupils are able to flourish.


An extension of our vision are our learning attitudes: Creativity, Spirituality, Responsibility and Aspiration, these further define all that we do.



Unfortunately, due to current unprecedented times, our school community have been unable to come together and take part in a face to face Worship.


However, since September, through the wonders of modern technology, we have been able to join together as a school remotely each week.  Children are now also starting to be able to lead these Worships, which is lovely!


Children and their parents who are unable to attend school, can use the links provided below to access Worships via The Church of England and Oak Academy.



Whole School Worship


As mentioned above, since September, we have been able to join together in our Whole School Worship each week using the Teams remote meeting platform.


Worship Week Beginning 1st March

This week's worship is thinking about how we can show KINDESS in LENT.

Not just being kind because we are happy and have things to give but showing true kindness that puts others before ourselves.


Worship Week Beginning 22 February

This week's worship is thinking about PRAYER, how we can pray and reflect on the words of Jesus in The Lord's Prayer.

Worship Week Beginning 8th February

This weeks worship is thinking about the value Dignity. learning about when Jesus showed just how much he loved, respected and welcomed children. We listen to the story called 'Jesus blesses the little children'.

Worship Week Beginning 1st February

This week's worship is thinking about our school values of Love, Kindness and Joy. We also celebrate the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Worship Week Beginning 25th January

This week's worship is thinking about our school value LOVE and we learn what showing love means.

Worship Week Beginning 25th January

Some people see weeds, others see wishes...

Not everything or everyone is in the best position to grow but with the right attitude and access to the right conditions they can become more than they ever imagined...

Worship Week Beginning 18th January

This week's worship is thinking about WISDOM and we share the story of when Jesus meets the teachers in the Temple.

Worship Week Beginning 11th January

This week's worship thinks about HOPE and we share the story of Simeon and Anna

Picture News



As a school, we look at the Picture News.  This covers various topics, covering news of what has been happening in the world around us.


Thankfully, we are now able to start to return to our normal worship within school, but we would like to continue sharing our worship resources with parents, carers and children, so you can all access this great resource.


Each week there is a different topic for discussion along with a zip file, which contains supporting resources for you and the children to use.


23rd - 29th May

Story: 2022 marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s service and Buckingham Palace has revealed the celebration line-up marking the Platinum Jubilee that will occur during June’s four-day Bank Holiday weekend. Question: How important is it for us to have a sense of duty?

16th - 22nd May

Story: Cereal company Kellogg's is taking the UK government to court over new rules that would stop some of its cereals being put at the forefront of supermarket shelves, due to their high sugar content. Question: Should you always be allowed to choose your own breakfast?

9th -15th May

Story: Danielle Webb, who is 23 and lives with dwarfism, recently wrote a children’s book and regularly visits schools to help educate others about her condition in a bid to stamp out prejudice. Question: What makes us unique?

25th April - 1st May

Story: Access to a new scheme offering free pet healthcare across 38 European countries, is now available to Ukrainian refugees who have left the country with their pets to avoid the conflict. Question: Should pets be protected more than other animals?

4th - 10th April

Story: A £16 billion proposal to build a solar power station in space is being explored by the government, the Minister for science, research, and innovation, George Freeman, has said. Question: Do all inventions have a positive impact on the world?

28th March - 3rd April

Story: The shipwreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance, has been found 107 years after it became trapped in ice and sank off the coast of Antarctica. Question: If you keep trying, will you always succeed?

21st -27th March

Story: Royal Mail has announced that both 1st and 2nd class stamp prices are to go up. The cost of a 1st class stamp will rise to 95p on 4th April. The cost of a 2nd class stamp will rise to 68p. Question: Is there still a place for letters in today's world?

14th - 20th March 2022

Story: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being called a hero by many as he is remains in his country as it endures an attack by neighbouring Russia. Question: How important is it to show bravery as a leader?

7th - 13th March

Story: The BBC has reported that an increasing number of children in Afghanistan are having to work to help support themselves and their families, instead of going to school. Question: How might your life be different if you weren’t able to go to school?

14th-20th February

Story: Indonesia is planning to move its capital from Jakarta to the island of Borneo in the hope that the burden of congestion, regular flooding and sinking will be reduced. Question: What does a city of the future need?

7th - 13th February

Story: An update to the Highway Code has introduced a hierarchy of road users, which creates ‘clearer and stronger priorities’ for pedestrians to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders. Question: Should everyone using our roads learn the Highway Code?

31st January - 6th February

Story: Queen Elizabeth II has announced a special competition ahead of her Platinum Jubilee in June and the 70th anniversary of her reign on the 6th of February – the Platinum Pudding Competition. Question: What type of events do you think deserve a celebration?

Story: Since 2007, John Lewis have released Christmas adverts. Each year, viewers tune in to watch the story unfold and see what message it shares. This year’s John Lewis advert is all about friendship. Question: What do we look for in a good friend?

6th - 12th December - The Metaverse

Story: Founder of Facebook (a social media platform), Mark Zuckerberg, has announced Meta, a new company brand for its apps and technologies that will concentrate on building a new way of using the internet through virtual reality.

Question: Do we need to create a virtual universe?

22nd - 28th November - Dolphins

Story: Travel company, Expedia, has announced a ban on sales of holidays involving captive marine animals following calls led by public figures such as Joanna Lumley.

Question: Should we be allowed to swim with dolphins?

15th - 21st November

Story: Professor Rolf Schwarz, of Karlsruhe College of Schooling in Germany, believes that secure playgrounds prevent young people from finding out important dangers during their early years.

Question: Do we need to experience danger to learn how to be safe?

1st - 7th November

Story: The COP26 climate summit, one of the biggest ever world meetings on how to tackle climate change, is taking place between 31st October and 12th November 2021 and is being held in Glasgow.

Question: What are the best ways to tackle climate change?

Picture News Special - Black History Month

11th - 17th October 2021

Story: Children’s TV channel CBeebies has hired George Webster as its first ever presenter with Down’s syndrome. The 20-year-old, from Leeds, is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the disability charity, Mencap.

Question: What does a good role model look like?

4th - 10th October

Story: Encouraging people to use buses more often is to be a central part of the Government’s plan to reach net zero by 2050. New transport stations, called ‘mobility hubs’, will act as a focal point for cyclists, electric car drivers and rail commuters to switch easily between different modes of transport.

Question: What would encourage you to use public transport?

27th September - 3rd October 2021

Story: It is estimated that people in Britain are sending over 1.6 billion non-biodegradable face masks to landfill every single month. In Wales, one company is working to turn hospital waste into new masks with 65% recycled materials.

Question: Should disposable face masks be banned?

20th - 26th September 2021

Story: Following the trail of devastation left by Hurricane Ida, President Biden declared that ‘historic investment’ is needed to deal with the impact of the climate crisis.

Question: How does facing disasters change us?

19th - 25th July A Shorter Week

Story: The world’s largest ever trial of a four-day working week, held in Iceland, has been described as ‘an overwhelming success’!

Question: Would we all work better with a 4-day week?

Special story: Primary school pupils around the UK have been writing letters of support to England players who were the target of online abuse following the Euro 2020 final.

Question: Can our kindness and compassion make us stronger?

12th - 18th July Story Characters

Story: Research by BookTrust Research and CLPE showed that the number of children’s books published in the UK between 2017 and 2019 featuring characters from an ethnic minority background was just 10%.

Question: Are we all reflected in the books we read?

Picture News Day - The World Alternative Games 2021,  Friday 2nd July

14th - 20th June Speaking Aloud

Story: The world number two tennis player Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from the French Open after finding it difficult to speak to the media at the tournament.

Question: Should sports stars be expected to do interviews?

7th - 13th June

Story: The government is trying to encourage greener farming methods and believes that the next generation of farmers will be best equipped to make these changes. 

Question: How important is the role of farmers?

24th - 30th May Sensory Toys

Story: The Pop-It sensory fidget toy is the latest new craze for relieving stress in schools and offices.

Question: Is there a place for sensory toys in the classroom?

17th - 23rd May Music

Story: Project Sing2G7! Children from the choir at Truro cathedral will sing, Gee Seven, a song about climate change written by Sir Tim Rice, to world leaders at G7 Summit in Cornwall next month.

Question: Does music have the power to change our behaviour?


10th - 16th May Role of Sport

Story: Six English football clubs, who announced plans in April to form the European Super League, have formally dropped out of the competition.

Question: What role does sport play in our lives?

3rd - 9th May Cakes

Story: The retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) has begun legal action against supermarket Aldi, arguing the supermarket's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake infringes its Colin the Caterpillar trademark.

Question: Is it always wrong to copy others?

19th - 25th April Flags

Story: The Union Jack will be flown on UK Government buildings every day of the year under plans to celebrate the United Kingdom’s heritage and pride.

Question: Should we be allowed to fly flags anywhere?

29th March - 4th April Phone Boxes

Story:  Thousands of red telephone boxes across the UK are being transformed into museums, libraries and other practical uses in order to preserve this historic icon!

Question: Should we keep red telephone boxes?

22nd - 28th March Census

Story: Sunday 21st March 2021 is census day when we answer questions that give a snapshot of daily life in UK every ten years (Scotland’s will take place next year).

Question: Why do we need a census?

15th - 21st March Tunnels

Story: A group have been evicted from a tunnel under Euston Square Gardens after protesting about the building of the new HS2 railway link

Question: How far should you go to stand up for what you believe in?

8th - 15th March Mars

Story: NASA rover robot Perseverance has successfully landed on Mars to search for signs of ancient life forms.

Question: Could you imagine living on another planet?

1st - 7th March Packaging

Story: The Coca-Cola drinks company are testing a new paper bottle as part of a strategy to remove plastic from its packaging.

Question: Should we choose products based on their packaging?

8th - 14th February Planting Trees

Story: Scientists say that ten rules for tree planting must be top priority for all nations this decade.

Question: How important is it to plant more trees?

18th - 24th January Showing Thanks

Story: ‘Clap for Carers’ has returned in 2021 as ‘Clap for Heroes’.

Question: How can we show our thanks to those who help us?

11th - 17th January Soldiers

Story: During the Coronavirus pandemic the armed forces have been asked to help with testing, supporting lorry drivers at Dover and in many other ways.

Question: How do soldiers help us in times of need?

4th - 10th January Pets

Story: Some pets bought on impulse at the beginning of lockdown are being rehomed.

Question: Should anyone be allowed to buy a pet?

14th - 20th December Care

Story: This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert revolves around a theme inspired by the kindness of the British public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Question: How can we show we care from afar?

7th-13th December Memories

Story: Two notebooks thought to be worth millions of pounds, belonging to the scientist Charles Darwin, have been reported stolen from Cambridge University.

Question: How can we keep our memories alive?

30th November - 6th December Ancient Monuments

Story: Plans to dig a road tunnel, near the ancient monument site of Stonehenge in Salisbury, have been approved by the Transport Secretary.

Question: Should a tunnel be allowed to be built near Stonehenge?

23rd - 29th November Equal Opportunities

Story: Boys’ elite football academies for under-16s have been allowed to continue during England's four-week lockdown but girls' equivalent regional training centres were initially stopped.

Question: Should we always be treated the same?

16th - 22nd November Being Active

Story: Personal trainer Joe Wicks is running his at home workouts for a second time during the second lock period.

Question: What are the best ways for us to keep active?

Picture News Special!

The US election results, learn more about  President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elec Kamala Harris.

9th -15th November Cruise Ships

Story: Cruise ships around the world have found themselves docked due to current travel restrictions.

Question: Should we repurpose unused cruise ships?

2nd - 8th November  Voice

Story: Footballer Marcus Rashford has been campaigning for the UK government to extend the free school meals scheme over school holiday periods.

Question: Do famous people have a responsibility to use their voice to help others?

19th - 25th October 2020 Fundraising


Story: One school in Cornwall have successfully campaigned for future red noses to be changed from plastic to a more sustainable material.

Question: Is selling red noses a good way to raise money?

5th - 11th October 2020  Sportsmanship


Story: One runner lets another past at the end of a race following a wrong turn.

Question: Should you always try to win?



28th September - 4th October 2020 - Changing Rules


Story: Covid marshals may be introduced in some areas to help people follow new rules.

Question: Should you always report those who aren’t following rules?

21st - 27th September 2020 - Visits


Story: A charity are campaigning to allow clearer guidance on how care homes can open their doors safely to visiting family and friends.

Question: Should visits to care homes be allowed?

14th - 20th September - Without A Home


Story: A homeless charity is campaigning for rules to be changed so that empty offices can be changed to shelters for those without homes over winter.

Question: How can we help those without a home?

7th - 13th September 2020 - Community


Story: A Brazilian tribe are blocking a road to protest against the lack of support they’ve received from the government.

Question: Should we always stand up for our communities?

School Motto

Love. Joy. Peace. Kindness

Mission Statement

"Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the lord your god will be with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9)

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