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SEN & Inclusion

Special Educational Needs

The school provides a range of support for children across the whole school. Please click on the image below to see the type of support the children may receive at different stages.


Our school SENDco is Mrs Lizzie Hurford. Mrs Hurford can be contacted via the school office 01803 329070 or


May 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Mrs Hurford is now on maternity leave.


Our school SENDco covering her maternity leave will be Mrs Jo Counter, she can be contacted via the school office 01803 329070 or


We try to make provision for all children, whatever their abilities and potential. As many as 20% of children may have some form of special educational need at some time in their school lives. Sometimes, this can result from a sudden, unexpected crisis at home or some change in circumstances. Please let us know of anything which may affect your child’s learning, as soon as possible, so that we can support your child sensitively.


The term Special Needs can cover a wide range of difficulties; learning difficulties, emotional or behavioural problems and physical disabilities. We believe that everyone has a right to the best that we can provide and that everyone has something to offer if the right support is made available. It should be noted that our school is built on two floors and access is by lift situated by the school office.


We try to get to know the children as soon as possible, through our programme of home visits.  All children are assessed when they are admitted and are assessed at regular intervals during their life in the school. One purpose of this is to identify children who have particular difficulties. We aim to work closely with parents to develop a programme of work to address the problem. Parents are informed of any particular concerns we have and are encouraged to contact the school if they have any concerns about their child’s progress. The names of children with special educational needs are recorded and their needs are reviewed regularly. The children continue to be educated within the normal class situation, but may be withdrawn for particular work in groups or as individuals.


The special needs of the very able and gifted children are kept under regular review, to ensure that their requirements are met appropriately.

Sometimes, a child's difficulty may require a formal professional assessment by the Local Education Authority and a statement of their needs may be written. Additional staffing may be allocated to the school in some cases.


We believe that our school promotes inclusion effectively and we have a good reputation for our work with children with special needs. It is our policy to respect and value all children equally. Wherever possible we treat all children the same, although some adjustments may have to be made to the curriculum and our usual teaching methods to meet the particular needs of certain children.