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Home Learning for Summer Term 2 - June - July 2020

As we move into the next phase of lockdown and we see more pupils returning to school, we are providing learning plans as an opportunity to consolidate basics or prior learning from the year; this is in line with government guidelines. Each week ALL families will receive a timetable of work.


This page will be the area where you can find the learning plans for each year group.


We are very much aware that each family will have access to different amounts of technology and will be able to devote different amounts of time to support home learning; we understand this and are here to support you in any way we can – you are all doing a great job in very difficult circumstances and your wellbeing and relationship with your children is more important than completing all home learning.


We do know that some children also want to access more learning tasks - at this point, we will direct you to use Oak Academy online learning or other sites that our teaching staff recommends – all links will be on this page.


Unfortunately, we are going to struggle with printing paper packs whilst all being in ‘bubbles’ in school; therefore, we encourage parents to access the resources, on screen where possible, and children can just record the answers in their books if they don't have the capacity to print out sheets or answer online.  Please let us know if your child requires a home learning book for this or is unable to access learning online.


We would like to ask that, if your child is accessing some in-school provision, please DO NOT vary the days of the task set otherwise this will cause complications when we are delivering learning to your child in school. If your child is NOT coming in to school at all, you will be able to vary the order if needed.



As our bubbles/capacity fills you will need to contact school if you now would like to be considered for a space. You will need to give a minimum of a week's notice and we may soon reach full capacity and not be able to take any more children on, even in key worker roles. 




Please can we ask those of you returning to school in the coming weeks to follow these guidelines at all times:


  • If you have a place booked in school you are expected to attend in the same way you would for a ‘normal’ school day, this includes calling school at the earliest opportunity if your child is unable to attend due to illness.
  • If anyone in the house has key symptoms of Covid 19 – high temperature, a persistent cough or loss of smell or taste then you must not attend until you have the results of a test or for a minimum of 14 days. In line with Government guidelines all household members must isolate for this time.
  • If a child shows symptoms in school they will be collected and advised to be tested. ALL children and staff in that bubble will also be sent home. They will all be allowed to return when we receive a negative test result or after 14 days.
  • You will be given a set place to enter school – the main entrance, the field gate off the golf club car park (You MUST NOT park in there) or the staff car park. Please follow these instructions to enable us to give everyone the appropriate space. At the front of school, you will see white squares marked out for families to wait in. Please do not wait anywhere but in the marked squares. If they are all full please wait at an appropriate distance from the gate/other families until a space becomes available. On the field as there is plenty of space we have not marked zones but ask again you respect the minimum 2 metre social distancing requirements.
  • We will meet the children outside and guide them to their class, to reduce mixing of people you will not be able to take your child directly to class – we will make this very caring and supportive for your child. Please prepare your child for this.
  • We ask the children only bring in a packed lunch bag, a water bottle, coat and sunhat. No other items will be allowed in school.
  • Only one family at a time may enter the main office reception area. Please avoid doing this unless absolutely necessary, please try and call or email for anything you need.
  • Your children might not be in their usual classroom or with their usual class teacher, we have tried to ensure however they will be with a familiar adult.
  • To avoid confusion with their usual bases we have given the new groups new names. Class bases in Nursery – Year 2 are flowers, Year 3 – 6 are trees
  • Your child will not be allowed to move groups. Keeping children in bubbles is an essential part of the guidance to reduce the risk of any spread of Covid 19.
  • The children will not be allowed to play on any of our lovely equipment – castle, train, pirate ship. They won’t have their usual freedom of the grounds when they go out. This is to keep the bubbles together – please prepare them for this.  THERE ARE PICTURES OF THE OUTDOOR AREAS BELOW; IF YOU CAN, PLEASE SHOW THESE TO YOUR CHILDREN.
  • Practical clothes, similar to uniform. Children can wear uniform if this is easier for you especially summer dresses for the girls. Children must have clean clothes on every day.
  • Please ensure children know about coughing or sneezing into a tissue or their elbow if one isn’t available close by.
  • As a reminder the school meals service is only able to provide packed lunches when we return. Please help us by ordering these in advance where at all possible. We need to send ALL lunch orders in by 9:30 at the very latest. If you will be arriving after this then you must pre order online.


We appreciate these can be uncertain times and lots we have outlined will be different for the children, but we will work in partnership to make this new way as successful as possible, we imagine a few children may find the transition a little difficult – 10 weeks is a long time to all be at home. We will work together to enable your child to re-establish their routines.

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