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Family Friday - Learning, Enriching, Aspiring, Fulfilling (LEAF)



At St Marychurch, we have an exciting opportunity for all children to learn alongside others from a different Key Stage. Reception are paired with Years 3 and 4, Year 1 are paired with Year 5 and Year 2 are paired with Year 6. Every Friday afternoon, we join our partner classes to undertake some exciting learning based on a variety of subjects. These sessions have been carefully planned to ensure that all age groups will access learning that is age appropriate to them, whilst supporting their younger partners. We feel that this opportunity will deepen our understanding of our Christian Values and Learning Attitudes and strengthen some valuable relationships between the older and younger children.


Some of the challenges that we have done so far include Going on a Bear Hunt, Painting like Pollock (using Sphero), using Sphero to transport pennies across water, learning about life for children in other countries, making robots from nets of shapes, designing and making wind chimes and building structures for the Teletubbies to cross a ravine and escape the Tubby Custard flood.