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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Head Teacher

Mrs Nikki Bond


Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Tracey Lawrence

Miss Emma Davis (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Sarah Hetherington (Acting Assistant Head Teacher)


SenCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Mrs Lizzie Hurford



Mrs Nikki Bond 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Nicky Daly

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Data Protection Officer

Mrs Jo Wilkey

St Christophers MAT 

Mr Steve Edwards

Deputy Data Protection Officer (on site)


Teachers - Foundation/Lower/Middle/Upper School

Foundation Stage  

Nursery and Reception

Class Year Group

Mrs Becci Knight and

Mrs Lizzie Hurford

Ladybirds Nursery

Mrs Andrea Ashforth and

Mrs Lizzie Hurford

Dragonflies Reception
Mrs Liz Moroz Butterflies Reception
Lower School - Year 1 and 2 (KS1)
Mrs Kay Bulmer Hedgehogs Y 1/2
Miss Sarah Morath Badgers Y 1/2

Mrs Sarah Hetherington and

Mr Matt Gough

Foxes Y 1/2
Middle School - Year 3 and 4 (KS2)
Mrs Karen Park Gorillas Y 3/4

Mrs Briony March 

Mandrills Y 3/4

Miss Charlotte Wannell and 

Miss Emma Davis (Maternity Leave)

Orangutans Y 3/4
Upper School - Year 5 and 6 (KS2)
Mrs Ann German Ospreys Y 5/6
Mr Ryan Yeadon Eagles Y 5/6

Mrs Tracey Lawrence and 

Miss Shelley Smith


Y 5/6



The teachers normally have responsibility for a class of children, which they teach for most of the week. However they also work in teams of teachers (Foundation, Lower, Middle and Upper School), which plan together and support each other's teaching.  Each area of the curriculum is co-ordinated by a particular teacher.

Class organisation: Children are grouped into classes according to their chronological age. Some children are taught in mixed aged classes. However there is rarely more than 2 terms’ difference in the ages within any of our classes.


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs D Asplen Mrs K Lane
Mr J Beacroft Mrs L Packer
Mrs E Bowker Mr M Pillar
Ms R Clarke Mrs K Plumb
Mrs D Corbett Mrs B Powell

Mrs N Daly 

Pastoral Lead

Mrs C Scholes
Miss R Hamlett Mrs L Taylor
Mrs H Hanlon Miss A Wakely
Miss S Harris Miss S Watts
Miss J Harvey Mrs K West
Mrs P Hebbes Mrs L Woodroffe
Mrs S Johnston  


Nursery Nurses


Mrs L Taylor (First Aid) Mrs S Bateman


Nursery Lunchtime Assistants


Miss H Moon  


Admin Staff


Steve Edwards 

Academy Business Manager

Mrs Tracey Winstone Administrator

Mrs Abi McRae

Senior Administrator

Mrs Sarah Kell Receptionist 


Mealtime Assistants


Mrs P Hebbes

Senior MTA

Mrs V Bellamy Mr M Pillar
Mrs V Brimmicombe Mrs D Rhodes
Miss L Gully Mrs J Simpson
Mr S Hobson Miss A Wakely
Mrs J Gregory Miss T Blackmore
Mrs K Knowles Mrs H Moon


Kitchen Staff


ISS Mediclean