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Parents and the School


We acknowledge the essential role that Parents and Guardians have in their children's education. They have, after all, been educating them for almost 5 years before we become involved!

We have a firm commitment to working alongside families to support our children. This is a central feature in our school.

We are committed to involving parents and carers in our work. We try to provide them with information through a variety of ways to develop the support and understanding we know is vital, if we are to develop an effective partnership.
We welcome parents to school:

  • To the children’s class acts of worship (two per year) and to an open hour   (one per year). These give excellent opportunities for parents to visit the classroom and talk with the child about his/her work.
  • Each term the School Friends Association holds Coffee Afternoons at which the children provide entertainment. These occasions are hugely popular.
  • To plays, concerts and church services.
  • To sporting events including sports days.

We welcome parents and carers to discuss matters relating to their children's progress. We ask that they arrange a time with the teacher concerned or with the Headteacher. This is to avoid disappointment and so that the relevant information can be to hand.

We hold meetings for parents in September to inform parents of the work planned for the year and to discuss ways in which we can work together to support their children. All parents are sent a summary of the relevant information given at these meetings.

We invite all parents and carers to meet their child's class teacher to review progress in the Autumn Term and in the Spring Terms, and at other times when the need arises.

A full written report is sent home in the Summer Term. For children in Years 2 and 6 this report includes information of their national assessment levels. Interim reports, which focus on attitudes, behaviour and attendance are sent home in the Autumn and Spring Terms.

There are many informal opportunities for Parents and Guardians to visit the school and support their child's various activities. We send regular newsletters home with the children, to inform you of forthcoming events.


Year 5 Admissions Information


If parents have any concerns about the process for Secondary Admissions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Please find attached at the base of this page the presentation given by Mrs Prentice and any relevant admission documents that parents would find useful.