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Health and Welfare


We include in our planned teaching and on a day to day basis, information, reminders and explanations concerning health, food, hygiene, basic drugs awareness and other health related matters. (See separate section on Sex and Relationships in Curriculum page). As previously mentioned we encourage children to have a named water bottle with them in school and to drink from it at frequent intervals during the day. Foundation and KS1 children have fruit provided daily.  KS2 children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to eat during break-time.


All members of the school community have a responsibility to take due care of their own safety and the safety of others. We have a Health and Safety Policy which is designed to minimise the risk of accidents.  If a child is hurt, we have staff trained to administer initial First Aid. However, in all cases of more serious injury we contact parents.  


It is for this reason that it is essential that we have at least one emergency telephone number for each child.


School Health Service

The Health Service provides for inspections at various times in the children's development. Parents will be advised of individual medicals concerning their children.

We have a School Nurse and should any parent wish to speak with her about any health matter concerning their child please call in at the office and we can put you in touch. She arranges screening tests for hearing and eyesight on a regular basis.



The School will administer prescribed medication only, in accordance with the schools Illness/Medicines Policy.  For all medicines and inhalers kept in school, a form must be completed which gives us the necessary information . Medicines  must be given in to the school office by the parent. Pupils must not carry any medicines on their persons. Please see below attachment for the full details of the Illness/Medicines Policy.



It is the responsibility of all parents to check their children’s heads regularly and to treat any cases of headlice immediately. General advice can be obtained from leaflets in the reception area or from the school nurse. If cases are noticed at school we will inform parents immediately, so that treatment can be given before other children are affected. Please do not be embarrassed or angry if we do this! We are asking that children with shoulder length or longer hair should be tied back.

Road Safety
Parents are asked to be vigilant in the area
outside the school. Cars should be parked at a safe distance from the
school (the nearby Chilcote Car Park has kindly been made available to
parents - special passes are available from the office).


Patrols help the children cross Petitor Road and Teignmouth Road.
Please ensure that your children cross safely in the proper places.